The Department of Emergency Medicine, Sree Gokulam Medical college plays a vital role in the prevention of deaths and disabilities by providing early and comprehensive emergency medical care to critically ill people. Ours is a state of the art emergency department equipped to handle emergencies of any kind and number. The department runs 24*7 and meets international standards in terms of infrastructure, professionals and medical care. 

Our team of medical professionals comprises efficient Emergency Physicians, Casualty Medical Officers, Medico-Legal Officer, emergency staff nurses and emergency technicians.The department runs a national board accredited DNB programme for Postgraduate students in Emergency medicine.The emergency doctors and nurses are well trained in providing emergency medical care and they attend every sort of medical emergencies that crosses various specialities which can occur to anyone at any time.The team works as a unit making sure that every patient gets attended as soon as possible. The department follows a triage system according to the principle 'the sickest patient gets immediate attention and treatment'. As soon as the patient reaches the door of the emergency department they are triaged according to the severity of their sickness and are shifted to Red Zone (Priority 1/Resuscitation bay), Yellow Zone (Priority 2)or Green Zone(Priority 3/day care). The emergency physicians and casualty medical officers attend the cases immediately in the respective zones. Broad speciality or Superspeciality care is also facilitated for those who require after the initial stabilization and treatment. 

The infrastructure and facilities include a well-designated Triage area, Red Zone(Resuscitation bay/Priority 1) , Yellow Zone(Priority 2), Green Zone(Priority 3), Minor operation Theatre, Emergency operation Theatre, Decontamination room and a separate Gynecology Emergency room. The department is well equipped with point of care ultrasound, ECG machines and specialised monitoring devices including IABP, ETCO2, CVP monitoring, etc.We also have 24*7 running laboratory, pharmacy and radiology facilities.