Welcome to First Year MBBS -2020 Students

Guidelines to first year MBBS students - 2020 Batch on arrival to campus 

Dear Student,

Welcome to Sree Gokulam medical College & Research Foundation. Congratulations for your success in becoming a part of the noble medical profession. You must be eagerly waiting to begin your classes. We expect you to have some queries in your mind upon arrival, especially in the light of ongoing pandemic. Please read the following information carefully and follow these guidelines upon your  arrival.

1. You will reporting to the college on 2nd of February 2021 as per the directives of central government and the Kerala University of Health Sciences and report to your respective hostels on arrival. Students travelling from abroad must ensure that you travel in advance to complete the mandatory quarantine period so as to be ready to attend the classes with the rest of the students.

2. All the students must undergo RTPCR test within 48h of their travel and carry the negative report with them. They should submit a copy of this report to their respective hostel office upon arrival. Students who test positive must avoid travel and follow the instructions given by our Nodal Officer Dr Smitha Kiran (Tele No: 6282402336)

3. Students are requested NOT to travel or attend the classes if they are suffering from respiratory symptoms, such as cough, cold, breathlessness with or without fever.

4. You will have an introduction program at 10.00 am on 3rd February followed by orientation session.

5. For your batch, the academic coordinator of I MBBS is Dr Lekshmi GS, Professor & Head of the Department of Biochemistry.

6. All the students will be linked through WhatsApp groups shortly. Individual departments will be sending official notifications as and when necessary in the WhatsApp groups.

7. All the students shall wear N-95 masks and face shields during the class hours and carry a hand sanitiser with them. Use of gloves is optional and as per the individual’s convenience.

8. All the students shall maintain social distancing at all the times in the campus including in the hostels.

9. All the resident students must remain within the campus and avoid visitors from outside the campus until further notice owing to the situation with the pandemic and hence, come prepared accordingly. The students are hereby instructed that they should abstain from visiting nearby towns or their homes during the weekends or on any other day. In case of emergency, the student may leave the campus only after obtaining prior permission from the hostel warden and informing their mentors.

10. As leaving the campus is restricted, students are instructed to use online shopping or stores within the campus for the necessities.

11. Students shall not gather to consume food at G-cafe or Cilantro. They are however, permitted to carry the food parcels from these cafeterias.

12. Students are restricted from entering the central library until further notice.

13. Both in men’s and ladies’ hostels, students are instructed to carry food to their rooms and not use the dining areas for their meals. 

14. Students should comply with COVID appropriate behaviour at all the times during their travel, upon arrival and  during their stay in the campus until further notice. For the safety of the fellow students, any student found not adhering to the safety precautions in the campus will be punished, including the levy of fine.

If you have any queries, please send an email to [email protected]

Hope you have a safe travel to the institution and a happy journey in your medical career.


Dr Lalitha Kailas


Sree Gokulam Medical College & Research Foundation