Biochemistry sets the foundation for understanding the cellular and molecular basis of biochemical processes in living beings, thereby integrates the knowledge with strategies to maintain health, diagnose diseases and identify potential therapies. Biochemistry is a cornerstone of modern medicine driving advancements in understanding the mechanism of diseases, drug development, personalized medicine and innovative therapies.

The Department focuses its functions as three sections: Academic, Diagnostic and Research & Development. Academic program provides medical and allied medical students a strong foundation in biochemistry and preparing them for careers to practice medicine, teaching and research. Diagnostic service provides state of- the- art laboratories equipped with modern technologies. The clinical Biochemistry wing of the Central Laboratory complex offers all biochemical investigations to support clinical decision -making and patient care. Laboratory services also help students, researchers and clinicians to engage in hands-on experimentation and analysis. Research and development wing provides  research opportunities to students so as to engage in research activities fostering a culture of inquiry and innovation.