Central Sterilisation Services Department at Sree Gokulam Medical College hospital performs sterilisation of medical devices, equipment, consumables and select laundry items for subsequent use in aseptic procedures performed in the hospital. The main supply includes gloves, caps, masks, disposable aprons, dressing materials and treatment trays, the latter two are prepared, packed and sterilised in the CSSD before being supplied to various users. In addition, prepared and packed items like linen, instruments, solutions, etc. from the operation theatre and wards are also received and sterilised. The CSSD has a floor area of 4700 sq. feet and is located in the ground floor at the rear of the hospital complex. The CSSD is equipped with steam sterilisers, ethylene oxide sterilisers, ultrasonic washers, washer disinfect, drying chambers, gauze cutters, sealing machines and RO filter machines. CSSD works 24x7 to meet the requirements of the hospital to ensure high quality, aseptic patient care.