Sree Gokulam Medical College & Research Foundation is the culmination of my dreams to establish an institution that emerges as a center of excellence in medical education, healthcare and meaningful medical research
Sri. Gokulam Gopalan

Sree Gokulam Medical College is the brainchild of our Chairman, Sree Gokulam Gopalan, a multifaceted, inspiring visionary and a philanthropic entrepreneur, recognised as one of the brightest luminaries in the contemporary business world.

Understanding the relevance of education and the significance of health, specially in the rural underserved areas, he undertook establishing this institution in Venjaramoodu in the year 2004.

Since then, this institution has educated thousands of aspiring medical, nursing and paramedical students by nurturing them into globally competent practitioners and personnel; helped innumerable patients by providing quality health care; generated fulfilling employment for hundreds of workforce - both local & distant; and served the local community by providing avenues for development in the fields of health and commerce. His timeless vision aims at elevating this esteemed institution to an Advanced Research Centre and ultimately to a Medical University par excellence.

Dr. K K Manojan


Translating the vision of our Chairman into reality defines the dedicated efforts of our Director, Dr. K K Manojan. As a brilliant academic and healthcare administrator, he not only leads from the front, but believes in participatory approach and carrying his entire team of Gokulam forward. As an eminent professional, he not only understands the intricacies of developing this institution, but his decisions are directed to ensure compassionate, quality healthcare to our patients and a high standard of medical education for our students. Since its inception, he has left no stone unturned in steering this institution to greater heights through his forward-thinking leadership and has set himself as a role model by inspiring both students and faculty alike.

Our Team

Sree Gokulam Medical College & Research Foundation is helmed by a brilliant team of professionals who efficiently administer the day-to-day running of the medical college and hospital.


Dean Emeritus



Dr. J Antony



Vision of our institution is to emerge as a centre of excellence and set new standards in medical education, healthcare delivery, and meaningful medical research. Medical college hospital has a vision to provide quality health care at an affordable cost to all the sections of our society.


  • Provide excellent medical education to mould the young undergraduate medical students into becoming competent, conscientious and compassionate doctors with strong ethical and social convictions.
  • Establish and promote excellent postgraduate and post doctoral programs to produce world class specialists and super specialists, who are competent to provide health care at global standards.
  • Constantly monitor, improve and update our programs to realise our vision to emerge as a centre of excellence in medical education
  • Provide compassionate and quality healthcare to patients of all strata in our community.
  • Actively encourage quality medical research by faculty and students.
  • Constantly upgrade the quality of medical education and healthcare by continuous faculty development programs.
  • Constantly update and upgrade the learning resources to keep up with the current trends and practices.
  • Develop and upgrade appropriate infrastructure to meet the demands of medical education, health care and research