Covid Protocol for students when they return from lockdown

Handouts to Students regarding COVID protocol

Before Arrival to the Campus:

1. If you are returning to campus from within the state:

A. You shall arrive with negative Rapid antigen test report done within 24-48h before arrival.
B. If RAT is positive or if you are symptomatic, get RTPCR test done.

2. If you are returning from outside the state of Kerala

C. You shall travel with negative RTPCR test report, done 48h before the travel.
D. If you have any symptoms, repeat RTPCR in the institution.

3. If you are an international traveller:

E. You shall travel with negative RTPCR test report, done 48h before the travel.
F. After arrival, you shall quarantine yourself for 7 days outside the campus
G. You shall repeat RTPCR on day 8.

4. Use private vehicles for travel as much as possible, especially, the students returning from within the state.

5. Any student testing positive shall continue to stay at home and attend the online classes. He/she shall return to the campus only after completion of 17 days isolation. Attendance for these students shall be calculated from the date of their arrival. You may also receive assistance from the departments to make up for the classes missed during the time of isolation.

6. Exam-going students testing positive shall contact Dr Smitha Kiran or Dr Mamata Chimmalgi or the Principal for further instructions.

Upon Arrival to the Campus:

7. Submit your negative RAT or RTPCR report to the Hostel Office.

8. You shall also submit an affidavit stating that (a) you are not a primary contact of any COVID patients in the past two weeks, have not attended any functions or not have any high risk exposure (b) you are free of any symptoms suggestive of COVID and (c) your updated vaccination status. Use only the affidavit format provided from the college.

9. The students not having University examinations shall submit the affidavit to the college office through the student representatives of their batch. Please avoid gathering in front of the college office for the purpose of submission of affidavit.

10. Students having University Examination shall submit the affidavit in the Examination Hall.

After Arrival to the Campus:

11. For the safety of self and the fellow students, you shall strictly adhere to COVID protocol at all the times on the campus, both during and after the class hours, including in the hostels. This shall ensure that you continue to benefit from the ongoing academic programme instead of having to revert to isolation or quarantine.

12. Ensure that you wear a mask at all the times including inside the hostel, except when you are inside your room. Do not consider yourself as immune to COVID or anyone as COVID negative.

13. Maintain social distancing at all the times. This is in your self-interest. Testing positive will make you loose your chance to attend the classes with your fellow classmates.

14.Avoid making trips outside the campus unless it is an emergency. In such cases, leave the premises only after obtaining the permission from the hostel warden & having informed the office of the Principal, your mentor and the academic coordinator.

15. You shall refrain from indulging in any group activities on the campus including eating and playing in groups.

16. In the hostel, you shall refrain from common dining and should carry the food to your respective rooms. Food shall be consumed within the allotted rooms.

17. You shall not gather in the hostel rooms with other inmates for consuming food or for any other activities.

18. Make sure that no one visits your room other than your roommate, so that you continue to remain safe within your hostel rooms.

Classes, Clinics & Practical Sessions:

19. Theory classes will continue to be conducted online until further notice.

20. Clinics and practicals will resume in offline mode following strict COVID protocol.

21. Each student shall carry at least ten N95 masks when you return. You shall carry a kit daily to the clinics (or laboratories during practical sessions) containing a spare N95 mask, a face shield, gloves and hand sanitiser.

22. You shall use N95 mask (double masking is preferred), face shield and gloves during the clinics.

Day scholars:

23. You shall follow all the instructions given here.

24. You shall submit the negative RAT / RTPCR test report done 24h before the re-opening to the college office.

25. You shall also submit the affidavit to the College Office directly.

26. In addition, you must submit a letter to the Principal stating that you are using private vehicle for travel and are not using any public transport.

27. You must refrain from visiting the hostels.


28. Those of you, who have not completed taking both doses of vaccine, you may do so before arrival.

29. If unable to complete the vaccination before arrival, you can avail the facility from the institution, when the vaccination resumes.

30. Those who had tested positive, and have not completed your second dose, may take the vaccine 90 days after testing negative or completion of isolation, whichever is earlier.

Daily updates:

31. It is mandatory that you shall keep your mentor updated on a daily basis regarding your health status either telephonically or through messages.