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Admission Notifications

Currently this institution conducts Medical P.G degree courses in 16 specialities and diploma in 5 specialities with annual intake of 43 students.

As per the MCI Postgraduate Medical Education Regulations, 2000, 10 (1) & (3), the duration of the course including University Examination is 3 years in the case of Degree Courses and 2 years in the case of Diploma Courses. There shall be course deduction of one year in the duration of P.G degree courses in respect of candidates who have done P.G. Diploma course of two years and awarded Diploma in the same subject. The candidates must have acquired the P.G Diploma pass certificate on or before 30th April 2014 for being eligible for reduction in the duration of the course. No other reduction in the duration of the course shall be granted.

S.No Course Student Lists – Yearwise
1 MBBS UG2019, UG2018.pdf,U2017.pdf,U2016.pdf, U2015.pdf, U2014.pdf, U2013.pdf, U2012.pdf, U2011.pdf
2 All MD/MS/Diploma

P 2018.pdf,P2016 M D BIOCHEMISTRY.pdf P2016 M D Community Medicine.pdf P2016 M D General Medicine.pdf P2016 M D Microbiology.pdf P2016 M D Paediatrics.pdf P2016 M D Pathology.pdf P2016 M D Pharmacology.pdf P2016 M D Physiology.pdf P2016 M S ENT.pdf P2016 M S General Surgery.pdf P2016 M S OBG.pdf P2016 M S Ophthalmology.pdf P2016 M S Orthopaedics.pdf P2016 MD Radiodiagnosis.pdf P2016 D Ortho.pdf P2016 DCH.pdf P2016 DLO.pdf P2016 DMRD.pdf P2016 DO.pdf P2016 M D Anaesthesiology.pdf P2016 M D Anatomy.pdf

P2015 M D Anatomy.pdf, P2015 M D Community Medicine.pdf, P2015 M D General Medicine.pdf, P2015 M D Microbiology.pdf, P2015 M D Pathology.pdf, P2015 M D Pharmacology.pdf, P2015 M D Physiology.pdf, P2015 M S ENT.pdf, P2015 M S General Surgery.pdf, P2015 M S OBG.pdf, P2015 M S Ophthalmology.pdf, P2015 M S Orthopaedics.pdf, P2015 M D Radiodiagnosis.pdf, P2015 D Ortho.pdf, P2015 DCH.pdf, P2015 DMRD.pdf, P2015 DO.pdf, P2015 M D Anaesthesiology.pdf, P2015 M D Paediatrics

P2014 M D Paediatrics.pdf, P2014 M D Pathology.pdf, P2014 M D PHARMACOLOGY.pdf, P2014 M D Physiology.pdf, P2014 M D Radiodiagnosis.pdf, P2014 M S ENT.pdf, P2014 M S General Surgery.pdf, P2014 M S OBG.pdf, P2014 M S Ophthalmology.pdf, P2014 M S Orthopaedics.pdf, P2014 DCH, P2014 D Ortho.pdf, P2014 DLO.pdf, P2014 DMRD.pdf, P2014 DO.pdf P2014 M D Anaesthesiology.pdf, P2014- M D Community Medicine.pdf, P2014 M D General Medicine.pdf, P2014 M D Microbiology.pdf

3 All Superspeciality Nil