The theme of this years “world mental health day??? being observed on 10th Oct 2016 is “Psychological First Aid???(PFA).PFA is a humane supportive and practical assistance to fellow human beings who recently suffered a serious stressor and protecting them from further harm.

It focuses on improving awareness and understanding of psychological first aid and how it can be raised following crisis events to support people in distress.

Despite its name, psychological aid covers both psychological and social support. Indeed, the PFA is part of long term effort to ensure that anyone in acute distress is able to receive basic support and who need more than psychological first aid, will receive additional advanced support, physical health and social services.

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Psychological first aid can be provided by anyone and not something only professionals can do. Hence we focused on the relatives of the parents. About 30 family members attended the program and the theme was introduced by Dr.N.Subha, Professor and HOD of  Psychiatry ;    Dr. Anu Xavies, Intern in the department took a very informative class on early detection and the importance of prompt management of mental diseases. She also explained on how to treat mental patients with respect and ensure that they are safe and  protected from further physical and psychological harm.

The class was well received by the audience. Questions and clarifications from audience were cleared by Dr.N.Shuba and Dr. Gayathri towards the end. Suggestions were put forward for similar program in the future.